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Revealed: What young Indian entrepreneurs fear the most

As many as 61 per cent of students in India consider entrepreneurship as a good prospect to earn a livelihood with a majority from rural areas showing greater willingness to start their own business compared to their urban counterparts, according to a study. The report — Amway India Entrepreneurship Report (AIER) 2017 conducted by Nielsen, however said 71 per cent respondents cited ‘fear of failure’ as the biggest obstacle in […]

10 Indian Start-Up Success Stories That Will Inspire You To Take The Plunge

They had an idea in mind. They left their cushy jobs. They worked hard. They created history. India is witnessing a brand new generation of startups, making their presence felt not just in the domestic sphere, but also globally. They’re inspiring success stories of people who have paved their own roads of innovation and dreams. Read on as Cearet Sood compiles a fabulous list of ten hot startups in India. […]