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The 'Bleeding' Issue: Sabarimala Temple Ban for Women!

The Supreme Court asked why women cannot be allowed to enter the Sabarimala temple in Kerala. The court said women cannot be denied entry into the temple as per Constitution of India. Lot of readers requested me to write about it. The arguments that aired for and against ban on women were really funny, illogical and unscientific. So, let’s first separate the facts and fiction. “Archaic discrimination in Sabarimala temple” […]

“Alone yet not lonely; Single yet strong.”

There are two ways to live life. Accept what you have got in your plate or stress over it. When you accept what you have got in your plate, you can enhance it. For example, when you are looking for a pizza, but you are served with bread which does not have cheese or any taste which you were actually visualizing. Yet, you accept the bread which is in your […]

At 14 in school, I learnt how women are stalked. This needs to stop

Adolescence in my school had just one meaning: Getting closer to girls. I went to a government school in a small town where boys and girls lived strictly segregated lives – even in the classroom. The biology teacher didn’t touch human reproduction when female students were present, men and women couldn’t sit on the same bench and even sharing notes before examinations was confined by gender. Our lives were co-educational […]

I'm not a woman so I don't have bad days: Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin does not have bad days because he is “not a woman”, and would rather not shower next to a gay man because he wouldn’t want to “provoke him”. The Russian President’s comments came in series of interviews with American film director Oliver Stone on topics ranging from geopolitics to gay rights and Edward Snowden. “The Putin Interviews”, a documentary comprised of conversations with the Russian president […]

Woman, Bring Out the Entrepreneur Within You

Every idea is worth millions, depending on how it is conceived and delivered. Being a creative individual, new ideas cross my mind every few minutes. So much so, that I always keep pen and paper handy to sketch my ideas or to note them down. While I studied the technical aspects of designing from some of the best people in the industry, the business know how came from experimenting with […]

Bias and victim blaming: Colleges' sexual harassment cells offer no solace to women

Did you know that the law requires all educational institutions, whether public or private, to have an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) that deals with cases of sexual harassment? And that Act also provides a strict procedure that governs the setting up and functioning of these committees? No? Well, a lot of colleges are pretending they haven’t heard either. We talked to students across India to find out how their colleges […]

Shani Shingnapur: 400-year-old ban lifted; women enter inner sanctum of temple, offer prayers

Debunking 400-year-old tradition that prohibited women from entering the sanctum sanctorum of Shani Shingnapur temple, Bhumata Brigade chief Trupti Desai, along with other women, on Friday entered the inner sanctum here in Maharashtra and offered prayer. The development comes hours after two women, for the first time, offered their prayers at the inner sanctum of the temple, saying it was a historic day and would create an atmosphere of gender […]

Matter of faith, not ‘hygiene’: Why women do not visit Sabarimala

A petition challenging the practice of restricting the entry of women into the Sabrimala temple in Kerala has caught the attention of the entire country. The PIL has sought entry for all women and girls in the temple. The apex court, on January 11, had questioned the age-old tradition of banning entry of women of menstrual age group in the temple saying this cannot be done under the Constitution. The […]

Woman’s Safety: Need To Do Away With Warped Perception

It is Vijaya Dashami today. Across India people would be burning Ravana’s effigies signifying the triumph of truth over evil. Somehow amidst these festivities I cannot help thinking that as human, what steps have we taken to demolish that demon within us. Almost every day the morning headline screams aloud about oppression that women undergo, brutal rape stories cover the news pages and eve-teasing has pretty much become the order […]

Portrayal Of Women On Silverscreen: Need For Change

As Clamorworld continued with its survey trying to understand what women want to change, one primary topic that sprang up far too often was the way how women are projected in the endless soaps that constitute the core content of most general entertainment channels. Almost inevitably you have the high drama high glycerine women centric serials where either the women is an oppressed ‘beti’ or ‘bahu’ clad in designer wears, […]