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Tamil song Tea Podu creates turmoil over ‘tea’

Recently, the promotional song of Thangam Saravanan’s Anjala was released on a celebratory note. Called Tea Podu (Make Tea), the song with an extremely lively beat has now literally caused — to use a cliche — a storm in a teacup.
Mami Boys, an independent music group, has alleged that the number has been “stolen” from its repertoire. Mami Boys released what they called Dum Tea at Chennai in 2013. The song was meant to be a tribute to the innumerable roadside tea-shops in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu.

Krisheno, one of the members of Mami Boys, told the media that Anjala had copied the concept as well as the visuals from Dum Tea. He added that his group had even been making a movie based on this concept of tea-shops.
What Krisheno now wants is just acknowledgement from Anjala that the Tea Podu number has been inspired by Mami Boys’ Dum Tea.
Saravanan is amused by this charge and says that Anjala was launched in 2013 and was inspired by his own experiences. The story revolves around the owner of a tea-shop, and many of his characteristics were drawn from Saravanan’s father and grandfather. Both ran tea-shops in Tamil Nadu.

The song, Tea Podu, is a visual tribute to the preparation of tea — from its very origin to the time it gets into a cup, into the hands of an actual drinker. The video of the song, meant as a promo for the film, shows different people drinking the beverage in several Tamil Nadu towns.

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