This Chinese village built a giant QR code with trees in a bid to attract more tourists


China has a weird obsession with QR codes and it seems they can’t have enough of it. In China, more than half of the population uses QR codes to make monetary transactions. From malls to street vendors, usage of QR codes is quite widespread. Taking their love for the special barcode to a whole new level, a tech-savvy village in northern China decided to build a giant QR code in a sprawling field to attract more tourists.

In a vast field outside Xinlinshui village, located near the city of Baoding in Hebei province, 130,000 trees have been planted in such a way that it gives an impression of a huge QR code when viewed from above. Yes, it’s scannable too, and not just for show! The villagers used Chinese juniper trees to build the barcode in a hope to boost tourism, Xinhua reported. The signature Asian evergreen trees are all between 80cm and 2.5m in height, the report added.

The mega-size barcode links to an official local tourism WeChat account that allows visitors to get all travel information.

QR codes that stand for “quick response” are two-dimensional images made up of a series of black-white squares. The images are scannable barcodes that helps one access a designated digital platform related to a specified task. While in China, not only can you shop with these barcodes you can rent cars or bikes and even give money to beggars using these codes!

Earlier, the country built a cute, mega-size solar panel in the shape of Panda that mesmerised everyone around the world.

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