This Squirrel Has Some Serious Nuts As It Attacks And Eats A Snake (Video)

This squirrel had grown tired of its boring diet of nuts and berries, so it decided to see what all the fuss about that “hunting” business was all about.

It also realized that going after a predator would probably be a much more fulfilling use of its lightning speed and vicious biting attacks.

The first animal in sight seems to have been this snake, which was a bit taken back to find that the itch coming from its lower body was in fact a squirrel attempting to eat it alive.

The reptile bites the squirrel a few times, letting it know that the only way to enjoy the meal peacefully is to take out the snake’s head.

The squirrel then backs up a bit, considers a plan of attack and goes straight for the jugular.

Squirrels don’t usually eat meat so we’re assuming the poor guy had rabies, a worthy price to pay in exchange for becoming the first squirrel in recent memory to kill and eat a snake.

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