Watch: Scientists show you what happens when you put a Coke can into liquid nitrogen

In a video which made us believe that a typical ‘mad scientist’ does not just exist in movies, two scientists, as part of a series of ‘periodic videos’, decided to observe what would have if they put a Coca Cola can in liquid nitrogen.

Although the video suggests that this experiment was done to show people the wonders of science, it wouldn’t be surprising if someone thought that this was some sinister experiment done by two evil scientists to take over the world.
After all, the expression on the face of Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff, who looks like an evil twin of Einstein, as he described the utter annihiliation the Coke can was exposed to after it was inserted in -200 degrees celsius liquid nitrogen, was funny and scary at the same.
What makes our suspicions of some world domination plot behind this experiment even more prominent is what Poliakoff said after he inserted a Pepsi bottle into liquid nitrogen and the bottle, to his dismay, wasn’t destroyed.
“I got bored and left,” he said. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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