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Watch this male orangutan adopt and play with three baby tiger cubs

A male orangutan in Myrtle Beach Safari, South Carolina has adopted three tiger cubs, becoming their “surrogate mother”.

The viral video, uploaded onto YouTube by a website called Animals Media, shows the rather cheerful male Orangutan playing with the adorable baby tiger cubs. We are told that it all started when the orangutan saw the cubs’ caretakers feeding and playing with them, and he decided to do the same.
He can be seen embracing and cuddling with the tigers, feeding them milk out of a bottle, and the tigers are only too excited to be in the company of their “mother”. The voiceover in the video informs us that the “orangutan finds great pleasure in the little tigers and can be found playing with them almost every day.”
According to this Huffinton Post report, the clip was filmed by the Discovery Family channel for the show “My Dog’s Crazy Animal Friends.”
Apart from the clear aww-factor in this video, which now has close to 8 lakh views, you can tell that the nurturing orangutan has no idea about traditional gender roles and behaves like a parent to the cubs with no hesitation.
Of course, they’ll eventually grow up and possibly grow apart from their adopted parent, but for now, they seem like one big happy, furry family.

Watch the video:

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