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Watch video: Health benefits of the magical combination of garlic and honey!

Garlic is one of the most loved flavours in Indian households. The fragrance of the finely chopped bulbs crackling happily in hot oil, is one of our favourite smells, that sends our senses reeling.

Used in food mostly as a taste enhancer, garlic is also extremely beneficial for our health, especially if consumed in raw form.

One can even call garlic a superfood, considering its antiviral, antibacterial, anti- fungal and anti-oxidant properties.

Honey is another ingredient that can help boost your immunity in many ways. The sweet golden syrup in its natural form is the best way to consume it, even if you’re adding it to your milk or cereal.

Combine honey with the healthy properties of garlic, and voilà! You have a magical concoction right there!

The following video will show you all you need to know about this combo, how to consume it without making your breath smell and the health benefits it has to offer.

Have a look!

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