Yoga Week On Clamorworld: Understanding The Seven Chakras


One of the healing powers in yoga lies in understanding the different chakras or the energy centres in our body and learning to work them in a way that can be advantageous to us. Yes indeed the seven chakras that are there in our body form the core source of confidence, creativity and joy. They are the source of not just effective body functioning but also the basis of systematic distribution of energy through our system. A well tuned series of asanas can help you stimulate these series of chakras and enable you to deal better with anxiety, depression and other negative forces.

Starting from the bottom, the first Chakra is of course the Muladhar Chakra. This essentially is the Root Chakra of our body and represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded. This Chakra is located at the base of our spine in the tailbone area. The energy that is manifested through this is either in the form of enthusiasm or inertia. This chakra embodies one of the key survival forces in us.

The second Chakra in our body is the Swadhisthana Chakra. Otherwise referred as the Sacral Chakra, this is the source that establishes our connection and ability to accept novelty in our lives. This Chakra is located at the lower abdomen, about two inches below the navel. This chakra also forms the source of our creative instincts, overall well being and pleasure.

The third Chakra is the Manipura Chakra in the naval region. This Solar Plexus Chakra controls four fundamental emotions joy, greed, generosity and jealousy. Our self confidence too stems from this unique Manipura Chakra.

The Anahata Chakra or the Heart Chakra is the next one and is primarily associated with love, hatred and fear. This chakra is located just at the center of chest, above the heart.

The Vishuddha Chakra or the Throat Chakra is the fifth Chakra located in our throat. It controls our ability to communicate and symbolizes grief and gratefulness. Remember everytime you are sad, your throat chokes.

The next in the line is the Ajna Chakra. Also referred as the third eye chakra, this one symbolizes alertness and anger. It enables an individual to focus on and see the big picture and is located in our forehead between the eyes. This is also the source of your intuition, imagination and wisdom.

The Sahasrara or the Crown Chakra is the highest of all and resides right at the top centre of our head. This Chakra is associated with sheer bliss and symbolizes the supreme understanding that is connected with spirituality.

Therefore the emotions that you experience is nothing but the upwards and downward movement of energy in our body and the way to bring in more positivism and happiness is through stimulating these centres of emotion and energy appropriately.

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