You’re Never Too Old to Play Holi. This Ad Proves That Age is no Bar

It’s the festival of colour, eating gujiyas and creating mayhem with buckets of water but most of all Holi is about having fun with your loved ones – age no bar whatsoever.

This new ad, made by a popular hair product brand, is set in a senior citizens’ home and shows that you are never too old to play Holi. The video shows an excited resident waking up at the break of dawn to prep for the festival. He changes into an old kurta, waves away his morning tea and pockets gulal to smear on his friends at the old age home. No one notices his excitement except a female resident.

So he goes to the verandah ready to have some fun – only no one else seems interested in playing Holi the way he planned. Even the youngsters who come to visit the residents only sprinkle a dusting of colour as a festive greeting.

As the senior citizen Holi enthusiast sits by disappointed, both fists full of gulal, something awesome happens. We’ll let you watch the video to see how one person’s infectious excitement manages to bring colour to an entire home.

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