10 Brave Civil Servants Who Remained Honest Even In The Middle Of A Corrupt System


Being honest is tough in today’s world. It gets tougher if you are in the civil services. Because everything around you is corrupted – the system, the babus, the politicians – everything.

That’s why there are so many civil service officers who made it big by just giving in to the corruption. They accepted bribes in the tune of crores of rupees and until ACB or CBI showed up at their doorstep, they had a real easy life.

But not all officers are corrupt. Some continue to fight against a system that is almost designed to work against honesty, efficiency, and productivity. And they have indeed brought a welcome change in the way people look at the civil servants.

1. He was perhaps the first IES officer who took on the road contract mafia head on and paid with his dear life.

2. He took on the Gandhi family and Congress itself while Congress was in power. True grit.

IAS officers

3. When he made his assets public, he had a bank balance of Rs. 7,172. Imagine that.

4. He has interacted with over 11 lakh youth to date, encouraging them to be productive members of the society.

5. She and her husband were suspended for taking strong action against illegal activities but were reinstated after public appreciation.

6. The state government had to send her on ‘forced leave’ because she did not relent in taking the corrupt head on.

7. He too criticised the UPA government while working under them. He’s the prime example of how to get work done even under a corrupt system.

8. She single-handedly made Kerala adulteration-free in just a few years.

9. It is because of him, stringent anti-adulteration rules are placed on petrol pumps today.

10. He showed the true potential a civil servant has, even when the government is not with them.

They deserve gallantry awards, to say the least.

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