20 Reasons Why Changi Airport in Singapore is the Best Airport in the World



Changi Airport is like a holiday destination in itself. Whether you have time to explore Singapore or not, there are enough things you can do at the airport while you wait for your next flight. It’s no surprise that it has won the Best Airport in the World award third year in a row this year! So here’s a list of reasons why you need to check out this manmade wonder:

1. Cool down at the rooftop pool
Enjoy watching planes fly over you while you swim in the rooftop pool at the Changi Airport. You may also laze around on the beach lounges and sip a cocktail from the bar!

2. Be captivated by the Orchid Garden
The Orchid Garden at Terminal 2 features Singapore’s national flower – Vanda Miss Joaquim. It also has a number of rare tropical and temperate orchids.

3. Race down the Four Story Slide
Be amused by the world’s largest airport slide that’s four storeys high and can reach a speed of up to six meters per second! Now that’s something!

4. Rejuvenate with a free foot massage
After a long and tiring flight, what better way to relax than a free foot massage? All you got to do is find a luxurious massage chair, which by the way are available in plenty at the Changi Airport, and dream away to glory!

5. Upload a selfie at the Social Tree
Located at the heart of Terminal 1, The Social Tree is a giant digital structure that allows travelers to upload and share their photos and videos. The tree also allows you to retrieve your uploads on your next visit to the airport!

6. Let kids be
For kids of all ages, Changi Airport’s indoor playground is the best place to be! From swings to slides, the playground has it all!

7. Shop till you drop
Changi Airport boasts of a wide variety of stores. From high end, ultra-luxe brands to pocket friendly duty free shops, there’s something for everyone!

8. Treat yourself to some mouthwatering Singaporean cuisine
There are some spectacular eateries all over the Changi Airport. Don’t forget to try the famous chili crab at either Seafood Paradise or Prima Taste!
9. Stroll through the Butterfly Garden
The Butterfly Garden is a magical place overflowing with stunning butterflies (yes, real ones!) of all kinds. It’s undoubtedly one of the coolest attractions of the Changi Airport.

10. Catch a free movie
Is your transit time too long? Well you don’t have to worry about getting bored, not with blockbuster movies playing all day and all night at the airport’s very own 24/7 movie theaters. And to top it all – it’s free!
11. Wander through the Sunflower and Light Garden
Yet another thing at the Changi Airport that you must not miss! Hundreds of gorgeous sunflowers at the garden will surely brighten up your day!
12. Play Games at the Entertainment Deck
Stocked with a wide range of entertainment facilities including the Playstation 3 and XBOX360, the Entertainment Deck is perfect for all you gaming lovers.
13. Grab a seat at the Xperience Zone
If sports is what gets your pulse racing, then you must head towards the Xperience Zone. Screening the latest sports events all day long, this is one place you will never be bored at!
14. Kick back and snooze
There’s nothing better than a quick power nap before a long tiring flight and the Snooze Lounge is just the place for it. With its comfy lounge chairs and peaceful environment, this is for everyone who loves to do nothing.

15. Make some friends at the Koi Pond
Watch the magnificent Kois swim around gracefully in the pond and learn interesting things about them. If you’re lucky, you may also get to feed them at their feeding time!

16. A shower of Kinetic Rain
The Kinetic Rain Sculptures are the newest additions at the Changi Airport. With more than a thousand raindrops working together in harmony, the Kinetic Rain Sculpture also represents the coming together of thousands of people at the airport every day.

17. Spoil yourself with some interactive art
Before the era of paint and paint brushes, Singapore was known for its woodblock rubbing. So if you like being a little artsy craftsy, you must try your hand at this popular Singaporean art form.
18. Get mesmerized by the Enchanted Garden
Wander through the interactive Enchanted Garden and watch it come to life with sight and sound. With motion sensors that trigger the sounds of nature and turn the garden into this magical place, this is an experience you will never forget!

19. Take a guided tour
If your transit time is more than 5 hours, you may take the 2 hour guided Singapore tour. Go into the city, sail up and down the Singapore River, and walk along the scenic river banks. All for free!

20. Sit back and tune out
Get comfortable in the chairs at the private music booth which has a wide range of music genres to choose from. From Jazz to New Age, play anything and everything to get some music therapy! Make sure to try out at least a few of these things the next time you’re at the Changi Airport. Whether your transit time is two hours or seven hours, there is enough to keep you entertained!

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