20 Types of Colleagues You Meet in Every Office




You sometimes spend more time with them than your family and better halves. And while some might be your second best friends, some just drive you up the wall with their antics. There’s a wide variety of colleagues to choose from! So, which of these have you already met or are currently working with?

1. The Chipkoo
This type of colleague wants to be with you 24×7. Even during loo breaks

2. The Lapdog
This variety is clearly the boss’ pet. Will do anything the boss says. And more.

3. The ‘i’ Syndrome
Loves the sound of his own voice and has an opinion for everything. Even that award-winning presentation you made would be better if he’d done it!

4. The Selfie Lover
Going out for team lunch? He’ll take a selfie. Worn a new dress to work? There’s a selfie. This breed takes more selfies than create presentations

5. The Nose-Poker
This person wants to know all. And will get the news by hook or by crook!

6. The Gossip
The office gossip, you can rely on this colleague for all the office happenings.

7. The Silent Worker
This colleague will shush you, even if he/she hears the sound of your pen scratching on paper

8. The Workaholic
Be it 7AM or 10 PM, you’ll always find him/her in office. This breed never tires of hearing, “Did you even go home?”

9. The Slacker

This person just needs a reason to slack off work. The pen ran out of ink? Great! No work for the day

10. The Holiday Specialist

This colleague is always on leave. You keep wondering how they ever get their work done but deep down you’re damn jealous of them!

11. The Free Ki Agony Aunt

This type of worker will give you free advice on anything and everything. Especially when you don’t want it.

12. The Fashion Bee

Want to know the latest trend or style? Just look at the fashion bee!

13. The Helper

Your go-to person for everything. “Happy to help” is their motto in life, and thank God for that!

14. The Bitch

This type will never ever have a good thing to say about anything

15. The BFF

They can be bitchy, workaholic, normal, boring but this is your soulmate at work. After-all, who will you unload all your worries to?

16. The Cool One

Be it the month for audits or the client screaming his head off, this type doesn’t really care.

17. The Eye-Candy

Honestly, the only reason office is tolerable

18. The Pessimist

Never a good word to say, ever. If you haven’t completed your work, his constant denial was probably the cause.

19. The Gang-Lover

This type will move around only in gangs. He/she has his team of admirers and just won’t go anywhere without them

20. You

And then, there’s you. Who’s perfect, amazing, smart, cool and basically the best employee your company can have. Just, give yourself a mental slap please

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