5 year girl looses her finger due to school negligence


Dear Parents,

A very cruel incident happened yesterday at Thakur International School Kandivali west. pls read entire incident by student’s parent.

I am sharing this incident which has shaken my belief on schools and it’s management system. I am asking myself whether our children are safe in these so called temples of education. When we all send our kid to schools, we feel that our little flowers are in tutelage of experienced teachers & management and will be safe, to say the least. But, I feel so helpless to accept that it is not the case.


I am father of Jeevika who is senior KG student in Canary 2 at Thakur international School. We dropped Jeevika to school today, at 12:30 PM. I did not know that it’s last time I saw her smiling. At 1:25 PM, I got a call from school that Jeevika is hurt and we should come and pick her up. Accordingly, I asked my wife to head to school. When she was on her way, I got another call, at 1:45 PM asking to come but still there was no mention for the reason.

When my wife reached the school, the scene there shocked her completely Our kid was sitting in one corner bleeding with couple of teachers in Medical room. The teacher handed over a plastic bag to my wife, which had part of Jeevika little finger. Jeevika was bleeding and had exhausted as she had been bleeding for more than 30 mins. An international schools which boasts of high international standards was keeping a little girl crying and bleeding in Medical room with only first aid. They did not even considered it important to take the child to doctor or even inform parents about the incident.

We learnt that her teacher closed the door behind her where Jeevika’s little finger got cut. They came up with lame excuse that as school management did not have undertaking from me, hence, they did not take the child to Hospital. I wonder

If same was done if the kid has been child of any of teachers or management. We teach our kids to take even unknown person hurt to nearest hospital and here an International school was waiting for undertaking from parent to get basic medical attention to a student.

Due to this delay and excessive blood loss, the nerves of her hand are now damaged. I am writing this message which waiting outside operation theater when doctors are fighting hard to arrest the extent of damage in her hand. I request you to pray for her and raise your voice against such inhuman rules so that in case of any unfortunate incident, our kids get timely medical attention.



Note: As shared on Jeevika father Pradeep Chavan on Facebook

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