85 year old Shila Ghosh could have lived a life of a beggar. But her self respect didn’t allow her to do that.



If you have visited Haldirams at Exide Kolkata, you have surely come across this woman selling chips and some other stuffs on the pavement just outside Haldirams. Her name is Mrs. Shila Ghosh. She is around 85 years old.

After her son died in a car crash she had been doing this work to earn bread and butter for her small family. i have spotted since last 4-5 years. She could have lived a life of a beggar like many others dwelling on the footpath. But her pride and self respect didn’t allow her to become that.



She chose the difficult path. A big Salute to this woman who still runs her family at this age. A humble request to everyone who came across this post. If possible, instead of buying Lays from the nearby shops if we purchase something from her which is surely worth it’s value, a family is being helped and it is in a way, a respect to her.

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You can also contact the photographer his name and number is mentioned on the pics.

Update received by one of our readers Sujay K. Basu · Jadavpur University :

A few years back this Lady had been Facilitated at The Regional HQ (on Camac Street) by CMC Limited KOLKATA.


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