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9 Ways to Use Figs As a Natural Remedy


Fresh or dried, fig is a great fruit available for us to use to relieve toothache, solve digestive problems, and even strengthen the nails. This article will cover all the ways to eat and drink this natural medicine.

 It is known since ancient times about the healing properties of figs for being a natural laxative, clean toxins and improve canker sores. The Greeks also believed that figs increase male potency, and recommended for athletes to increase eating them. Figs are considered as a stimulant and refreshing the entire body,

 Fig contains high and valuable nutritional value. It contains vitamin C, beta carotene, B vitamins, calcium, iron and potassium and rich in dietary fiber. However, the fig is rich in sugar (dextrose) and has a high glycemic index. Therefore, to enjoy the benefits of figs, it is advised to eat them along with foods that have low glycemic index, such as walnuts, almonds or vegetables. Eating them together allows the fig (and the sugar) be absorbed more slowly into the bloodstream.

 Uses of figs as a natural remedy:

 1. People who suffer from iron deficiency (anemia) should eat at least one fig a day.

 2. Figs are also recommended for people who suffer from digestive problems, as they improve the digestive system, moisten the colon and help emptying it. It is recommended to soak figs in water for several hours, and then drink the water and eat the fruit. Dried figs are suitable for treating gastric ulcers and heartburn. In addition, figs are rich in certain protein that makes them a natural laxative that treat constipation and digestive difficulties arising from lack of fluids, and helps clean the intestines and treat hemorrhoids and dysentery.

3. Figs are used to brush away toxins, and are considered as one of the foods with the most basic pH, and therefore they balance the acidic conditions obtained as a result of consuming a menu rich in meat and processed foods.

 4. It is recommended for women to consume figs, mostly dry figs, for strengthening the nails. This is because figs are very rich in calcium.

 5. Fresh figs are especially good for people suffering from cuts or lip sores, or sores in the tongue and mouth. In these situations figs are great for internal use and should be spread on the affected areas.

 6. Figs are especially beneficial to treat warts. The milk of unripe figs contain anti viral properties, so applying it on the warts twice a day helps to cure them. It is recommended to drip the milk on the root of the exposed wart. You can find another effective treatment for warts here.

 7. Drinking figs brew helps relieve dry cough, asthma and sore throat, and helps in cases of excess mucus. Cook a fig or two with half a cup of water for a few minutes, and drink the liquid several times a day.

 8. To improve gingivitis brew 6-7  figs with a cup of boiling water, soak the figs for three days, filter, gargle and swallow the liquid. The recommended dosage is one tablespoon, five times a day. The fig is also suitable for relieving toothache by rubbing a fresh fig on the gums.

 9. For treating eye infections dilute fig milk with water and apply on the inflamed eye by a gauze bandage.

 As you can see, there are many ways to use figs as a natural remedy. So next time you go to the grocery shop, don’t forget to buy several of them.

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