Cheating and Fraud by HDFC Life Agent

Incident as shared by Victim :

I would like to bring to your notice that HDFC Agents Ritu Sharma and Simran advised my brother Mitesh Shah(Name Changed) to take HDFC Life insurance and against this insurance policy as security, Personal loan will be given  for lowest interest rate of 7 % .

After Initial discussion with Ritu Sharma (Contact No : +91 84474 52694) she asked to do the payment in two days of 75,000 Rs to get HDFC Life and once the insurance is issued Personal loan of 15Lakh would be given with Interest rate of 7.5%. In 20 days.

Later on Simran ( Contact Number ‭+91 87501 30842‬ ) also confirmed the same and we do have proofs for that .

To arrange this 75000 Rs in two days we had to sell gold and our two wheeler . The reason I am mentioning this clearly is, you will have an Idea how a common man in need of loan arranged money.

On April 11,2018 online payment of 75,000 Rs was made. 17th April 2018 insurance certificate was dispatched ( please see certificate in attachment )

We were said to wait for couple days and personal loan of committed amount 15L would be deposited in the account . But after being more than two months Agent Simran said we have to pay 50,000 Rs more for Demat Account or give another reference of a person who needs such loan or else the personal loan will not be given ( we have conversation recordings as proof ) .
This has come to us as a shock .

Later we said to cancel the policy as we do not have 50,000 Rs to give for opening Demat Account . Simran said it will take 3 months for the refund . Later on she stopped taking the calls .

When we approached Hdfc local branch they said we cannot get refund of the policy .

Have attached many other similar cases of cheating and especially senior citizens who have to make N number of Rounds to the Bank .

Request you to look into the issue and get the refund done at the earliest .

P.S: Please note such loan of Personal loan against HDFC Life has been issued earlier  to a person named Jignesh Khandhar from Ahemadabad ( Contact :‭+91 9825580431‬,‭+91 8780609301‬) . He referred us to above HDFC agents Ritu and Simran . So, please do a through investigation into it.

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