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Clamorworld Exclusive: Vyapam Scam- Might Is Right?



It has the makings of a potential crime thriller. One of the biggest corruption scam in India, misappropriation of nearly Rs 36000 cr, huge stakes, the who’s who of the MP Political circuit and a mounting number of unexplained and sudden deaths, the Vyapam Scam in Madhya Pradesh is increasingly becoming a benchmark of the political might of the state leaders and the extent to which corruption has eaten into our society.

The fact that Vyapam is involved in a multi-system rigging of the systems to ensure everything from medical recruitments to securing Govt jobs clearly indicates a strong nexus of  powerful politicians and deep pocketed businessmen. What is surprising despite the involvement of a Special Task Force and another High Court appointed special investigation team, no significant headway has been made in identifying the mastermind behind this major scam. Must say that it does make for an eerie investigation progress and rather unprecedented turn of events.


Death of those associated during investigation is not uncommon in India. Even in the multi-crore National Rural Health Mission scam in Uttar Pradesh, five medical officers and a clerk lost their lives during the investigation process. But what makes the Vyapam scam rather sinister is the scale and magnitude of the cover-up efforts. The deaths witnessed so far have not followed any set pattern, from suicide to road accident to unexplained cardiac arrests it comprises of every possible ploy. While the STF and SIT maintain that these deaths have been under mysterious circumstances, the state home minister seems to be certain that there is nothing unnatural.

So are we to believe it is natural for 38 year olds to have a cardiac arrest suddenly without any history? Or do we remain naïve about the possibility of inducing liver failure through the administration of external elements? Are we to just accept that two special investigation teams are simply incapable of solving the biggest whodunit in a long-time? Or do we not question that efficacy of the forensic facilities available to ascertain the actual cause of these deaths? Surprising the Centre chooses to remain silent on this key issue or is Madhya Pradesh enjoying the benefit of being a BJP ruled state!

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