Clamorworld Exclusive: Can Of Worms -The Corruption-Collusion Net Deepens



There is more twist to the Sushma Swaraj –Lalit Modi saga.

Some unexpected and interesting developments took place just hours after one of Sushma Swaraj’s Union Cabinet colleagues, Arun Jaitley came out with a statement in defence of her. Talking of Sushma Swaraj’s help extended to former IPL Commissioner, Lalit Modi, Jaitley said that whatever she had done was in good faith and bonafide. However soon after some documents surfaced and Lalit Modi’s interview to a private news channel raised more questions than answers.

A document whose authenticity is yet to be verified is said to have been released into the system from the Lalit Modi camp. It claims that Vasundhara Raje had supported and given a written statement to back Modi’s immigration to UK in 2011. As expected Raje has immediately distanced herself from the whole issue and said that she has not signed any such document and if there is anything it is without her knowledge. But Lalit Modi claims that Vasudhara Raje, who is also a family friend, has even accompanied his cancer stricken wife to Portugal for treatment.



Not just Raje, there are many more who have been named in Lalit Modi’s interview. In the context of elaborating his strong ties with many political families in India, he has even said that Congress member Rajiv Shukla extended support to him in securing his travel documents. He also claims that the entire UPA Govt was against him after he exposed Shashi Tharoor’s role that eventually led to his resignation. Sharad Pawar and Praful Patel too have found mention in Lalit Modi’s accounts.


The reason why I call this as an interesting development is perhaps it is one of those instances which transcend party lines and political interests in manifesting the rot within our system. The fact is someone charged with laundering a sum as large as Rs 1700 crore managed to escape the country, live comfortably in UK and now even got back his passport which was revoked due to no response to ED summons repeatedly. There are big questions that come to the fore. Why has there been no appeal by Government Of India after the Delhi High Court decided to give back the passport? Why has the Prime Minister maintained silence on the whole issue? Why is the government machinery all out to protect Sushma Swaraj? Why has no effort been made by the same Govt to bring back Lalit Modi to India for the hearings of Enforcement Directorate?

It is time that the average Indian got an answer to all these questions ?



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