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In conversation with Co-Founder Silus Reddy


Sunil Mantri: Tell us something about your self

Silus Reddy: My name is Silus, I graduated from BITS Pilani and Post College a good part of my professional career was with startups till we started Coming to a bit personal side I like movies, music, and food and playing on my Xbox.


SM:  How did the idea of come to your mind ?

SR: We were facing issues in getting our own laundry done. The maid was doing a terrible job to my louis philippe shirts and the nearest laundromat is just 2 kms away but takes atleast 1 hr to reach from my home in the Bangalore traffic. We realized that this is a big problem many like me are facing. Hence we thought we will solve this. Thus was born


SM:  How did you manage expenses to start up with the business?

SR: We are 3 founders. All 3 of us pooled in money and started this business. We have literally put in all the savings we had.


SM:  What are the various ways you reaching out to customers ?

SR: We largely relied on FB (we still do) and it paid off in a huge way. People were welcoming the idea with open arms. Infact we tuned a lot in the initial days with the feedback we received from people on facebook. I think Facebook is the best platform for any startup to reach out to its customers in b2c segment.

SM: You have made good presence through social media marketing. How much you are spending on social media marketing ?                                                                                                

SR: We do not spend a lot. Our budgets are very minimal. We have a good in-house designing team. Infact one of the co-founder himself is a designer and we communicate our thoughts well.                                                                                   

SM: There are other competitors too coming up in market how are you trying to keep yourself ahead of others ?

SR: We are very much wary of the competition and they keep us on the toes always. We believe we are far ahead in the race and we are only increasing our pace so that it becomes difficult for the competition to catch up.


SM: You Business stories have been covered in other print media too. How did you manage to get them to print your stories?

SR: I think I should largely thank my BITS network and alumni. Almost the entire coverage we got is through our personal connection. The journos were kind enough to cover us as well. Infact that helped a lot in our growth as well.

SM: What’s your future goal?

SR: Our goal is just to make laundry and ridiculously simple task. So simple that even an 8-year-old can help his mother get the laundry done. We are striving hard to solve the issues in this industry and make this a reliable space. The challenges are humongous and we are going ahead one step at a time.


SM:  Has any investors approached you or you looking for investors?

SR: We are speaking to a few. More details will be revealed soon.


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