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With the year 2017 ending, Apple recently brought out its tenth anniversary edition iPhone. It is the revolutionary iPhone X (pronounced iPhone ten). It is said to be the most edgy and the best iPhone ever built. The iPhone X is built for perfection.

Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that the iPhone X is a leap in the world, since the launch of their original iPhone. With amazing features and exquisite design, the iPhone X is going to stay here for long.

Here are certain things you would want to know about the new and revolutionary iPhone X-

The phone has been available for pre-order before the 3rd of November. Most people who preordered the new iPhone x were delivered the same on the day of the launch. However, most will still have to wait till the end of November or even December to receive their share of beauty.

The iPhone X is available for $1000 and is stocked in a limited fashion. The $1,000 variant is available with the storage capacity of 64GB. However, the 256GB variant is available for $1,150.

iPhone X is the third phone launched this year, by Apple. The phone was announced by Apple on the 12th of September. The other two phones being iPhone 8 and iPhone 8plus.


The iPhone X comes with a brilliantly designed OLED screen. The users might be able to detect a slight shift in colors while they look at the screen from a particular angle. iPhone X, according to research has the best smartphone display yet. Various tests have been run on the phone to give the display an A+ rating. The display is perfect in terms of performance, colors, full screen brightness, and other similar aspects.

All manufacturing defects in the iPhone X will covered by the standard warranty by Apple INC. However, any case of screen breakage and other damages will be charged. The screen repairs a person would have to shell out $280. While for other forms of damages, one would have to pay approximately $500. This price, however, will also differ according to your location.

The new iPhone X comes with a 12 megapixel camera. The camera has dual image stabilization properties which comes with a wide-angle aperture lense. The front camera is 7 megapixels, which also supports the Portrait mode feature. The front camera also stabilizes images and control exposure. Apple’s new signal processor ensures an advanced pixel processing, along with color enhancement. The video quality has been improved with a 4K resolution at 60fps, while for the slow-motion videos at 240fps. But this is not all, it also comes with a super new feature- Augmented Reality. All in all, the camera’s telephoto lens leads to an enhanced and a better Zoom, better exposure, and a better texture.

The A11 bionic chip is retained in the new iPhone X. The 64 bit efficient processor which comes with a better designed graphics unit makes this phone the best in the market. The chip ensure the phone has 30% more speed than usual.

The Battery life of your iPhone X is said to last 2 hours more than the older phones, on a single charge. The phone comes with a 2716 mAh battery. The iPhone X also supports wireless charging.

Face ID

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Apple this year came out with the new facial recognition technology, also known as Face ID. The Face ID debuted on iPhone X for the first time. The Face ID feature takes help the True Depth camera system which is hidden at the top of the display in the notch. The phone will unlock if you glance at your phone, after which the camera of the phone will illuminate your face with the help of an infrared dot array. The infrared in the camera will allow your phone to identify you. The infrared will also work in the dark. The Face ID takes help of the A11 Bionic processor of the iPhone X, which functions smoothly with the help of 3 GB RAM. The processor takes help of real time images, while it maps the contours of your face as well as the shape in a mathematical fashion.

According to Apple, the Face ID will not be confused by changes in hairstyle or beard or even added accessories. The phone will always recognise you and your face even through sunglasses. It is one of the most secure biometric systems in the world right now.

When the Apple iPhones introduced the touch ID, there were seen minor glitches and bugs. However, Apple states, this time around there would not exist any such bugs and technical glitches.

The phone comes with no physical home button. The iPhone X completely operates on swipes and gestures for navigating through the iOS 11. You can swipe up to go back home, while you swipe down, you will reach the control center. If you swipe and hold, you will be able to open apps and the second tap will allow you to close the apps. There is always going to be a floating bar open on your device, which is set as a reminder of what apps you are to escape and what apps are open at a particular time. The bar will fade out when you use full-screen apps though.

All in all, the iPhone X comes with the best phone screen till date. It is top notch. The facial recognition system works in the best manner, first of its kind, while the dual rear camera takes amazing pictures. It is going to capture all of your moments with excellency. You might have to learn some new gestures and features to access your new iPhone X. The iPhone X is a premium phone with higher end prices. If you want to be the owner of the revolutionary iPhone X, you will have to empty your pockets.

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