Friend raises funds to send friends dead body back to India.


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Hello everybody, my name is Alwyn Lewis. I was the room mate of Sudesh Shetty. Sudesh is 32 yrs old from India and had come to Toronto as a student . He was studying Culinary skills at Humber college. I am the manager of Udupi Palace and I have known Sudesh for 5 yrs. He has been a parttime worker at the Ritz carlton and Udupi Palace restaurant in Toronto. Last week I got a call from the Toronto precint that Sudesh was found dead and the investigation is going on. He came as a student  and completed his education to be a chef. He has never returned to India in the past 5 years. At this time he was working at Udupi Palace to help in his studies and support back home. Upon completion he joined Ritz Carlton as a part timer. He was still working at Udupi Palace as a second job to help support his family. He comes from a middle class and humble family. He often said how he had saved everything to finally pay off his education debt and wanted to see his mom and dad happy. His mom and dad have already been notified & they are devastated to hear this news. The investigation is still on going, but I was told that his body will have to be shipped or it will be cremated as a unclaimed body. His parents and family are in Mangalore, India and cant afford to pay for his trip and desperately asking for help in bringing their son home. The cost of shipping his body is around $12000, plus the family has lost a bread earner and all the dreams they have hoped to fulfill. There is very little time as the body cant be on hold for long. The money will be used for the trip back home and any relevant costs towards his final rituals, anything left over will be given to  his mom and dad. I wish I could do more but reuniting with his family is the utmost right now. I have spread the news around as much as I can to get anything possible to get him back to his mom and dad. I am trying to reach out to all his friends as well.
I am desperately asking for help in reuniting Sudesh to his family.
Sudesh family will never see you all but we thank each one of you for your contributions. Personally  I sincerely and humbly thank all of you and may God Bless you all.
PLEASE help a son meet his mom and dad

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