The Hire And Fire Principle


I believe that we need to walk the talk that we always preach about. If we want someone to imbibe our values, we ourselves must have embodied those values. As a Take Charge expert and an empowerment coach, I have come across many people who have stunning ideas, tools, and systems which they spent a lot of time to bring to perfection. But these geniuses don’t succeed in a larger organizational structure. Why?

I’ve come to find that one of the main reasons people don’t find a great number of believers in them is due to the fact that they have not practiced what they believe in. So for example, if you’re talking about being healthy, you need to look a healthy person. Even if you are a couple of kilos overweight or underweight, and aspire to be a fitness trainer, a nutritionist or somebody who helps motivates people to lose weight, then you have to ensure you look like someone who can pay importance to their own words so that other people can also cultivate attitudes of growth from you.

I conduct a lot of corporate workshops to teach thousands of employers and employees to Take Charge of their life and achieve their goals. During the course of this I’ve come across a lot of people who have interesting passions and feel ignited to make more money and have success. They want to do something in their lives which will bring them appreciation from the people they are surrounded with and also help with self-worth. But that drive isn’t all that’s enough: you need the capability to get up, Take Charge and work on your goals. During one such corporate workshop I met Nilesh Shah, a newly appointed Vice President. Nilesh was an incredibly passionate man with a lot of framed degrees hanging in his office to prove this. He had great dreams for him and his company to be globally known and he wanted to be one of the more successful people in the company. He pushed his team harder each day, he wanted them to reach their targets. Success was his, surely?

Nilesh didn’t realize one of the most important principles among all his passions: you have to do what you expect your followers to do. He couldn’t get himself to work on time. Of course he had the freedom to conduct his meetings outside and be late to office- he was allowed that. But the fact that he took undue advantage of it changed the perspective his employees had on him. He expected his staff to really measure up to his expectations and perform the way he wanted to, but they didn’t care because they were left high and dry whenever they needed his counsel on something. If there was a meeting at 12p.m they had to alter it to suit their Vice President and change it to 1:30p.m, yet, he would come in at 2p.m. Of course the board meeting would turn out to be a powerful event because Nilesh brought his dynamism into it.

That still didn’t change the fact that he was a frequently irregular person. Maybe he had other things to do, like some family issue, which ate into his work life. Or maybe Nilesh just had issues with himself. Either way, it doesn’t matter because his company was suffering and their hierarchies were getting out of order- no one listened to anyone, senior officials were disrespected and the newer workers were treated inferior. This kind of atmosphere in a company is something which can also cause a lot of monetary discord. The employees started losing interest in their goals and became lazy. They resented Nilesh and became un-cooperative.

This created such a disharmony in the company that eventually I was invited, I realized that the issues stem from the core of the company- its Vice President! With my Take Charge 5X formula I worked with Nilesh Shah at length and realized that he wasn’t very open to change. But gradually, when he saw the benefits of making some subtle changes in his behavior it rewarded him in graciously. His employees became more close to him, respected him and did not take him for granted any more.

By realizing and building a fine line between authority and responsibility I was able to create that required massive shift in Nilesh’s mindset and the moment his belief systems changed, his behavior towards his employees changed and that completely changed the structure of his company. They do have their hurdles obviously, but they brainstorm, communicate to each other and this team effort helps them cross all their hurdles.

So, this is just a simple intervention I did with Nilesh Shah, and today Nilesh’s company has gone global and he is very well grounded too. He is walking the talk for his employees and just by a realization, just by leveraging you inner most self and notions towards your power beliefs can change a lot of things.

As an empowerment coach I work with a lot of successful organizations internationally and have seen what it is that international companies across the world need. They need appreciation, recognition and a fool-proof strategy for growth. This is possible only if everyone in the company conspires and has a unified goal. So this is what I really believe, for all the bosses out there: put yourself in the shoes of an employee in your establishment and evaluate your behavior. If you behave the way you dare, would people hire you or fire you? It’s a simple strategy which is used and you need to react to people the way you want them to react to you. If you are going to Take Charge and create an environment of growth in your company, this is going to take you much higher than what you are aiming at; your company will be globally successful, just like Nilesh’s company is.

It isn’t hard being an employee to become a successful employer, but it does take a lot of practice to see your company in a unified vision. Do your actions speak louder than your words? Are you an inspiration to your organization? Did you answer yes to the questions asked? Then connect with me at https://geminidhar.com/ or drop a mail at gemini.dhar@gmail.com and tell you how to achieve your goals and Take Charge of them.

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