Hurray! India’s Kingfisher beer rated the best in the world by Americans

In one part of India, people take a holy dip in the Ganges during Kumbh Mela. Elsewhere, there are millions of Indians going to a bar and having a sip of Kingfisher beer and having a fun time with their friends. For many of the alcohol lovers out there, fun times or shall we say, ‘King of Good Times’ will always be associated for some of the best times we enjoyed while growing up.

There are many Indians out there who lament the quality of alcohol and talk about the lack of variety in taste. Here, around 10 Americans are made to taste beers from around the world. The famous Corona from Mexico and the famous Irish beer Guinness are all competing along with Kingfisher. As it turns around, the Vijay Mallya owned United Breweries’ product was voted more times than any other beer and won the contest. Indians do need to relish what they have; the smooth yet strong after effect that Kingfisher has is matched by few others around the world. Something to be proud of! No?


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