IAS topper Ira Singhal’s shocking story that makes our heads hang in shame


Ira Singhal, the IAS topper 2015, shared a moving post recently highlighting how apathetic have we become to others need.

Narrating an incident in a Facebook post dated December 25 Ira wrote, she along with three of her friends was on her way to Delhi from Mussorie when they witnessed a horrible accident in Muradnagar, UP.

She saw a Maruti rammed into a tractor and rushed to victim’s help. They pulled the two of them out from the vehicle and called local ambulance, but it did not turn up.

She also tried to stop vehicles to transport victims for medical help but people only stared at the mess and drove away. Unfortunately one of the victims died in need of medical assistance. Finally she transported the victm through the help of Police.

Through this post, she questioned the gross insensitivity that plagues us as a human being.

“ Is this the nation we have created for ourselves?” she asked.

Here is the complete post.

“Today, 4 of us were travelling down from Mussoorie to Delhi. Midway, in Muradnagar, we came across an accident. A Maruti had crashed into a tractor and the driver and the passenger of the Maruti were badly injured. We stopped to help and alongwith the collected locals on this extremely busy Delhi-Meerut highway, we pulled the two of them out. To transport this badly injured and bleeding two, we called the local ambulance but to no avail. In the meantime, I decided to stop the passing traffic in the hope that I could find at least one car to transport the one of the two. All the cars were slowing down when passing us in order to stare at the mess and glorify in the horrific scene. But as I knocked and banged on the sides of at least 20 cars and waved frantically to many many more, NOT EVEN ONE stopped. This is our humanity. We finally called the police van and transported one of them. The other died on scene. It saddens me that not even ONE of those people thought that it could have been them just as easily. Not even one had enough shreds of humanity to stop and help. Is this the nation we have created for ourselves? For all that these drivers knew, I was a tiny girl asking them to help in the dark night on a busy road on the scene of a horrible accident. And they all refused. This is our world. This is us.”

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