Is This Our Future? Artist Creates Terrifying Pics of a Drowning Mumbai


A series of images that show what impact global warming will eventually have on famous landmarks across the world is a chilling reminder why ‘climate change’ are the two most terrifying words known to man right now.

The pictures, created by Climate Central and artist Nickolay Lamm, are a visualization of the rising sea levels that are a very real and dangerous threat to waterside cities like London, Mumbai and New York. Imagine the Gateway of India with only about half gateway. Or the Big Ben foreshortened by watery depths at its base. At New York’s Wall Street, all you’ll be able to see of the Charging Bull will be part of its tail.

If that sounds horrifying, it looks much, much worse. Brace yourself. It’s like Kevin Costner’s 1995 disaster film Waterworld, except not fictional. 

Before we bring you the pictures of this post-apocalyptic future, a final note. World leaders are looking to strike a deal at the upcoming United Nations summit in Paris to contain global warming to two degrees Celsius as against the current trajectory of four degrees Celsius.

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