Loving Vincent trailer: This tribute to van Gogh is world’s first fully oil-painted feature film

Legendary painter Vincent van Gogh had once said: “I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.” Today, after 127 years of his untimely demise, his life, his work, and his legacy are no less than a dream to art connoisseurs across the globe.

Van Gogh died at an early age of 37 when he committed suicide after suffering from depression for a long time. Over the years, the then unsuccessful painter and his works have come to be heralded as some of the best Impressionist paintings. This is why, the upcoming film Loving Vincent is the most appropriate tribute to him.

Written and directed by Dorota Kobeila and Hugh Welchman, Loving Vincent is the “world’s first fully oil-painted feature film.”

The film’s original synopsis reads: “Loving Vincent brings the artwork of Vincent van Gogh to life in an exploration of the complicated life and controversial death of one of the history’s most celebrated artists. Drawn from meticulous research and inspired by van Gogh’s masterpieces, subjects, and 800 personal letters, [the film] captures the world of van Gogh in a cinematic experience like no other.”

The film has been made out of 65,000 frames of oil paintings made by around 125 painters from all over the world, who came forward to contribute to the making of this tribute. The film has many landscapes, portraits and sketches, which enhance the visuals of the film manifold.

Loving Vincent is unarguably one of the best pieces of art, including cinema, which brings together the fine arts and performing arts in one medium. The film draws inspiration from several of van Gogh’s own works like The Starry Night (1889), Wheatfield with Crows (1890), Sorrowing Old Man (At Eternity’s Gate [1890]), and Painter on the Road to Tarascon (1888), to name a few.

The movie has a voice cast that includes the likes of Chris O’Dowd, Saorise Ronan, Jerome Flynn, Helen McCrory, and Aiden Turner. The original score for the film has been given by Clint Mansell, who has previously collaborated with Darren Aronofsky in his 2000’s psychological drama Requiem for a Dream.

Watch the trailer of Loving Vincent:

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