Modi Finally Breaks His Silence On Dadri Killing, But Does It Address Anything?


In political circles and across sections of media one of the oft repeated chorus on the ruthless Dadri Killing has been how the Prime Minister of the country, Shri Narendra Modi, chose to remain silent on the issue! How there was absolutely no statement from the PMO!  How there was no mention of any potential plan of action going forward and many similar plans. It is surprising that a country so used to the UPA’s 10-year rule headed by Shri Manmohan Singh still had expectations and were even surprised by a Prime Minister’s silence. Though I don’t anyway support the killing or the ruthless mob behaviour, it amused me that somehow the focus seemed more on why the PM is not responding rather than measures on how to tackle such heinous mob behaviour.

Ok so now that Mr Modi has finally broken his silence on the issue at an Ananda Bazaar Patrika event today. He conveyed his displeasure but also mentioned that this issue is more a state matter with limited role from the centre. He even made oblique reference to President Pranab Mukherjee’s statement about the necessity to preserve the country’s core values in context of some recent radical incidents including Dadri, Ghulam Ali concert, and Shiv Sena’s vandalism. That said does this statement signal the end of the matter? Does it in anyway provide a roadmap on how to deal with similar situations in future and what steps has the UP State Government taken to address the issue?

Well it seems the esteemed Chief Minister of UP has avoided visiting the area also based on a superstition that  any incumbent CM who visits Noida just before an election loses his Chair!! No please don’t laugh it away, we are discussing some serious policy points about state of affairs in UP.

Importantly why single out Dadri or UP? Instances of religious intolerance are becoming more and more frequent by the day across the country. While Prime Minister is surely no daroga of Dadri, he is the chosen representative of millions who put their vote in him with the trust that history will mark his reign as an era of Change! It is time we saw some serious action on that front. It is time that the Centre took some strict measures against religious intolerances and it is time the Judiciary of the country took active role in addressing the omnipresent lawlessness!

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