Mother’s Day: Viral Ad Honours The Mother Figures In Your Life. Watch

Mother’s Day is just a day away and most of you must be preparing to pamper your mothers on the special occasion. But on the day when we honour our moms, the mother-like figures in our lives also deserve a special mention. These are the people who take care of you like your own mother would. They could be anyone – a sister, a brother, a friend or even an aunt. While moms deserves all the love and praise, one also owes a special thanks to the mommy-figures. That same message has been conveyed in an advertisement which celebrates the mother figures and encourages others to do so too this Mother’s Day. The ad features a young woman and her relationship with her landlady. Before you think the landlady is the woman’s mother figure, we’d tell you to stop and just watch the ad.

The campaign, conceptualised for a biscuit brand, has gone viral over with 6 million views and tonnes of positive comments.

“I just loved this ad. It touched my heart that I couldn’t skip,” a person commented.

Another wrote, “I have watched it twice and i cried both times… Most beautiful thing I got today on YouTube.”

Mother’s Day is celebrated each year on the second Sunday of May. This year it falls on 13th May.


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