My mother is Sushila, father is Salim: Salman


Everybody’s favourite and the Bollywood heartthrob, Salman Khan has raised his voice against intolerance. Salman has finally broken the silence and has spoken bluntly on the matter.

In an answer to the question on intolerance, Salman Khan replied, “My father’s name is Salim Khan and my mother’s name is Sushila. We all are Indian and there is no difference.”

In response to the question on Shiv Sena’s protest against Ghazal maestro Ghulam Ali, Salman said that Art and Entertainment should not be mixed with Politics.

Salman’s Father, Salim Khan also spoke on the growing intolerance appealing the Modi government to address the issue raised by the artists by returning their awards.

Also, he asserted on the fact that India is the best place for the minority to live.

Shahrukh Khan also, on his birthday, joining the chorus of “growing intolerance” said, “if there is intolerance in the country because of religion, we are taking away every forward step our nation is taking.”

Looks like, after the artists, historians and filmmakers, it is now Bollywood celebrities who are joining the league of those protest against growing intolerance in the country.

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