Ola drivers abuse senior citizens and young professionals at Bengaluru #olaabuse


Taxi driver abuse seems to have becoming more frequent in India. After Uber taxi driver rape incident, Ola driver abusing senior citizens is being reported from Bengaluru.
In one such incident while two taxis one higher end tax Etios and one lower end taxi Indica were hired by Mohan(name changed)for his aged parents and relatives from the same source Horamavu to Bengaluru city station, the final charge of India was more compared to Etios. Since, Indica driver charged one hour waiting charge. As rule goes the driver is supposed to inform the customer before starting the meter, the driver didn’t do that. Mohan’s parents being new to the city they didn’t knew the procedure so neither they asked about the meter

When enquired why the driver had charged so much high the driver got upset and became abusive and when the discussion continued the driver got down from the car and threatened for a physical abuse. Parents of Mohan had no choice but to give the money demanded. This all happened in broad day light of Bengaluru city railway station at 5pm on Monday the 2nd March. When the incident was reported to customer care, they refunded the excess amount charged by the driver. This does prove how drivers of Ola Cab have been threatening senior citizens to pay more.


But, Mohan being upset said that he didn’t need the excess money refunded and suitable action and apology be issued by the driver. A complaint was taken and complain reference was given. It’s been more than a week no action or apology is issued by the driver or Ola taxi. Which shows Ola company supporting their drivers and ignoring senior citizen safety and concerns.

Another incident was reported by Mr. Bharat(name changed) who is a project lead working in one of the software companies at Bengaluru. While he booked a taxi and got into the taxi, in few minutes he realized that the driver was not familiar with the routes and when asked by Bharat to the driver if he knew the route and destination point,driver  said no as Ola cab never gives them passenger drop point and hence he didn’t knew where to go. Ola cab just gives driver only the pickup point. Though, Ola cab  gather information of pickup and drop points from the passenger before sending the driver to pick passenger, they never share drop location to driver.


Once, the driver was informed the destination point by Bharat;driver would still continue to take the taxi in no parking, more traffic zones and finally the driver took the taxi on a wrong flyover. Then Bharat asked the driver to stop the taxi and stop it aside after discussion the driver said he didn’t knew the routes as he had come to Bengaluru 3 months back. When the driver started abusing verbally, Bharat called up customer care and explained the situation. Customer care representative said he would call up and enquire with the driver. After waiting for few minutes there was no call from Ola cabs customer service. Hence, Bharat called back to customer care and another representative said the billing amount would be waived off due to the mistake of the driver.


After waiting for a day when Bharat checked his online Ola account the amount isn’t debited hence he raised a complaint with Ola customer care, they assured to resolve the issue in 48 hours. It’s been more than a week now and no refund or call made by Ola cabs.

After waiting for a week. Ola cab founder Manish was reached out asking to look into various issues of verbal and physical abuse by Oladrivers in Bengaluru. All details of the passenger,driver,travel and fair details were provided to the founder. But, No reply was received by founder of Ola cabs.

Hence, people of Bengaluru are raising concerns if companies like Ola Cabs don’t care their passengers’ safety how safe it would be to travel in such cabs especially by senior citizens and ladies.

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    Hope the founder of  Ola cabs take some time to address their customer concerns.

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