Poor Nazia’s fight, with Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer


It was the first week of October when I(Gaurav Malhotra) met Nazia in Delhi metro when she was going to another govt hospital for the Cancer treatment. Nazia’s father was carrying her in his arms and trying to relax her in crowded metro. When I saw her she was so weak so immediately guessed she may be suffering from Leukemia or another life-threatening disease. I thought about donating blood to her someday later so to begin with, I offered my seat to her and asked her father about the problem she is suffering from. Then I noticed her mother had a file where the Govt Cancer hospital name was mentioned.


                                                  In Pic from Left to Right: Nazias father,brother,mother,Rachna,Roohani

I asked them for their contact details and told them to call me by evening once they get free. They didn’t call me so I called them and advised to visit a good hospital like Medanta or Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital,New Delhi. And also assured them that they need not be worried about the treatment cost as everything will be managed to fight this battle against Cancer.

Nazia’s father is working as a tailor with monthly income of Rs, 6,000 and is raising three more kids along with Nazia. Poor financial condition didn’t allow them to go and check with some other good doctors or hospitals. This is one of the reasons why she was unable to get good treatment.

We all know how the conditions are at Govt. Hospitals. So her father assured me he would visit Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital by next Friday. But on the day before he was supposed to visit, he didn’t answer my call. Then on I kept calling him every day because I was worried about Nazia and her treatment.

I told her parents that I don’t have any interest or benefit other than Nazia’s wellbeing soon and that we would win this battle against cancer. Again, her father promised me to visit the next Friday. But in reality he avoided going anywhere. This kept happening for a month but I didn’t give up and again kept on trying to convince her parents to visit a good hospital. They began to get concerned why a stranger was calling them repeatedly and convincing them to visit another hospital and get good treatment. In the meantime, Nazia’s condition was getting worse day by day.

At last the day came when Nazia visited Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, New Delhi. I spoke to Dr. Sandeep Jain over phone and informed him about the case and requested his support. Then he asked Nazia’s parents to get the report from previous hospital reports to diagnose the treatment.

The doctor first gave an estimate of Rs 30,000 and later for Rs. 5,00,000 /- depending on the tests to be conducted. Thanks to Dr. Gauri Kapoor and Dr. Sandeep Jain who understood the case and financial condition of her family and offered some solutions. Nazia father was then told to pay only Rs. 3,000 /- in two installments and then another Rs. 1,00,000 /- for the treatment.

Nazia had fever from almost 9 months until then. The day she visited Dr. Gauri Kapoor and from began treatment at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, her fever was gone and parents were happy to see the immediate results and the overwhelming support of Dr. Gauri Kapoor and Dr. Sandeep Jain.

I decided to raise funds for her treatment through crowd-funding but thanks to Indian Cancer Society who came forward and supported Nazia in her treatment through HDFC Cancer Care Funds. She was granted a support of Rs. 2, 00,000 /-

I was in constant touch with them over phone and had visited her to meet in the hospital from time to time. And yesterday, 19 April 2016, I decided to visit her and give her a good surprise. I visited with my sister Rachna, niece Roohani and a neighbor Prince in Loni, Ghaziabad.

They were living in such dilapidated conditions that they didn’t even have a door at their home. Life is really very difficult for them. Hats off to Nazia and her parents who are struggling and fighting this battle against cancer despite their poor living conditions.

Upon visiting her, we felt so good and blessed to see the growth in her health. We all felt blessed for this opportunity to meet this adorable sweet fighter who might look very small but is a struggler and a fighter who didn’t give up even under difficult conditions.

Nazia parents didn’t believe me at first when I offered support because few come forward to support anyone in this manner. But I didn’t give up and kept on trying to convince them that there are many good people around us and we just need to have faith in God and ourselves.

One of the main reasons why I share this experience with Nazia with you all is not because she is one of my brave cancer fighters but want people to be aware and support others similarly to fight this battle against cruel cancer.

Cancer not only kills a person, it also kills a family. If we stay strong and united then we can win this battle against cancer. Please go and check yourself after a certain age and keep on spreading awareness about cancer and also support someone in their battle if you can.

Your smallest gesture can help to save someone’s life and family.

Fight Cancer and Save Life.

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