Ranking Of The Top 60 CEOs On Social Media


This is our second global ranking of CEOs on social media. As more CEOs have transitioned into social media, we have expanded it from 30 to 60 individuals. The ranking methodology is set out at the bottom of the article.

Social Media Ranking Developments: June To September

The most significant change has been a number of Fortune 500 CEOs joining the LinkedIn Influencers program. They include Burberry’s Angela Ahrendts, WPP’s Martin Sorrell and Standard Chartered’s Peter Sands. However, the majority of top CEOs, particularly in big Fortune 500 companies (including WPP and Standard Chartered) continue not be on the Twitter platform.

We have expanded the rankings to 60 CEOs, reflecting the significantly increased number of CEOs now active on social media. We have included new CEOs from Asia and the Middle East, as well as some social CEOs we were not previously aware of suggested by commenters in the first edition of Ranking.

We are also trying to trying to address comments from the first ranking that there were not enough women in the list – we agree. However, this unfortunately reflects the fact that only 4.2% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. 18% of this list is made up of female CEOs, and we are actively looking to increase this.

So Here Are The Top 60 CEOs:

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Source: WorldOfCEOs.com, a Xinfu Group company (of which I am a director)

World Of CEOs has created a special Twitter list of all these CEOs, which we suggest you can follow to gain a sense of the real-time conversation:

Ranking Methodology

The ranking has been done by World Of CEOs and combines the best of both quantitative and qualitative approaches, to determine the CEOs who are really making an impact. Our team has monitored Twitter, LinkedIn and the blogging activities of all CEOs from the Fortune 500 Global, FTSE 100 to Silicon Valley. As well as counting the numbers of followers, we’re interested in who is creating true “value-added content”, as determined by users. Value-added was measured in terms of originality and positive impact on the corporate world, the their industry, and application to their own company. We favored CEOs who had actively contributed to the leadership agenda.

We reduced their score if it was seen as too obviously self-promoting or if we believed that they have no direct involvement in social media content. We favored CEOs who had consistently contributed over time

As with our last ranking, we are taking into account ‘Klout’, which measures engagement across multiple social networks, with a “score” out of 100. However, as well as being a bit raw and purely quantitative, our research shows that Klout is not yet properly measuring the extended impact of the LinkedIn Influencer Program and giving sufficient additional credit to those CEOs active on the platform – even those who have amassed hundreds of thousands of followers, page views, likes and shares. We believe that this should change, and in the meantime have adjusted our rankings to redress the balance.


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