Record-breaker: Kolaveri Di becomes 1st Indian video to cross 100 million views on YouTube

Kolaveri Di, the song that made Dhanush a household name has now become the first Indian video to cross 100 million views. The video was released by Sony Music on 16, November 2011, which instantly went viral.

The video was shot by the Sony Music team and was India’s first ‘viral music video’, similar to Psy’s Gangnam Style. Such was the pressure that Dhanush had said: “I’m actually blank about it. I’m trying to forget it and concentrate only on my shoot now. It hasn’t become real for me. I’m not even taking it seriously.”

In fact, the song hadn’t got much attention from his industry. He had said: “Nobody from my industry has spoken to me about the song… I haven’t got any recognition from my industry. I’m not a trained singer, I’m just a bathroom singer. I’m an actor first.”

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