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Science teacher from India holds 48 individual world records for stuffing objects into his mouth, including five golf balls, 79 grapes and 92 pencils


Dinesh Upadhyaya holds 48 individual records for putting objects in mouth
This includes records for holding 92 pencils, 79 grapes and 12 lit candles
The 6ft, 6in tall science teacher said daily practice was key to his success
He aims to ‘break all possible mouth stuffing records as soon as possible’

A man nicknamed ‘Maximouth’ for his ability to stuff huge amounts of objects into his mouth has broken another record – for ramming 1001 straws into his gob.
Dinesh Upadhyaya, from India, holds an incredible 48 world records and has also stuffed 92 pencils, 79 grapes, 12 lit candles and five golf balls into his mouth for separate records.
The science teacher from Mumbai has since been given the nickname ‘Maximouth’ by his pupils due to his strange talent.

Here science teacher Dinesh Upadhyaya is pictured with 208 chopsticks shoved inside his mouth

He said: ‘My dream is to break all possible mouth stuffing records as soon as possible.
‘I have been practicing for these only since 2010 when I saw a record video in which a giant American named Todd DeFazio stuffed 70 pencils in his mouth in a radio station.

‘After watching that video, it struck me that I can do better than this person.’
At 6ft 6in tall, towering Dinesh says the key to his success is practising daily – as well as his abnormally large mouth.
He said: ‘To enhance my mouth stuffing capacity, I practice yoga and breathing exercises regularly.
‘I also massage my facial muscles and using fingers I try to stretch the opening of my mouth as much as possible.
‘I repeat this for up to ten minutes to make my cheek rubber-like.’
However, he has admitted his bizarre skill didn’t come quite so easily to begin with.

He added: ‘It took almost four months for me to mentally prepare for the record. My first attempt was with pencils. I purchased 100 pencils of the same size – no. 2.
‘At first I could only fit 50 in my mouth. I went through the most painful experience.
‘But I was confident enough to break this record and soon, with practice, I increased my mouth stretching capacity and was able to fit more than 70 pencils.’
Mr Upadhyaya has also suffered some side effects to his unusual pastime, saying: ‘After practice or a record attempt, I usually experience swellings in my mouth, especially in the lips and gum area.
‘During the attempt I feel sensations of suffocation. I always overcome such minor things, though.’

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