Skinny Shaming or Redefining Body Standards? I’m No Angel Campaign Heats Up Social Media

In an attempt to redefine the term “sexy”, Lane Bryant – the plus-size lingerie retailor has launched an ad campaign featuring six famous (and gorgeous) plus-sized models wearing their new line, talking about what they think makes them sexy. What’s more, they end the ad by proclaiming “I’m no angel” making a not-so-subtle dig at popular lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret has come under fire for promoting unrealistic body standards with their “The Perfect Body” ads displaying women with slender and slim bodies. Post the flak they received on Social Media, the brand changed their slogan to “A Body For Every Body.”

Now many women have taken to Twitter and Instagram to give Lane Bryant’s #IMNOANGEL campaign a thumb’s up. Women are also posting their own pictures on to the Social Networking sites using the hash tag.

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