There are 10 secrets to become a millionaire, which nobody will tell you


Collaborate with millionaires

Hanging out with average people would make no difference to your bank account. If you want to be rich, you need to stop yourself from going for coffee every other evening to please your peers. Start hanging out with experts from your field and you would understand how they lead their life. Try to streamline your activities and get in a rhythm like the pros.

Rule of 100

A much popular term in business, the Rule of 100 is applicable on anything. If you do 100 workouts in a year, you will start looking like a Arnold, if you do 100 trips a year, you will be happier, if you write 100 articles in a year, you would get noticed. Like this most skills are dependent on rule of 100. To become rich, you need to follow the rule of 100 in your own skill set.

Make a bigger impact on masses

To make a million you need to help one million people. The more impact you can make, the quicker it is to earn money. On an average we meet 27 people daily, you need ramp up the number. Take a look at the prominent entrepreneurs; they are keener on serving the masses. The lesser the price you can offer for your product or service, you can reach out to maximum people and make an impact.

Stop doing unnecessary things

You might be doing things that you think is essential for you. A doctor owning a clinic was typing the prescriptions himself and losing out on time. He hired an intern and let her handle the typing part. He would write it down and let her handle. This way the doctor managed to get an hour extra in the day.

Market value of your own

Each one of us has a market price. Just like onion in Indian market, our value keeps on changing. But you need to be an avocado to keep your market value high. Now you don’t know how to figure that out?

Find out from your competitors how much money are they earning. If you find most of them are tad bit average, try figuring out the industry standard. This will give you a compact idea how to proceed with your plan.

Plan it early

The dream of being a millionaire should be seen by you when you are in late 20s or early 30s. Once you are in mid life, you would have other responsibilities to handle, which may cease you from putting extra effort.
Also you need to have plans for next 5 years. It’s not a 6-month strategy that works. You cannot be a millionaire in a fortnight unless you are the wolf of Wall Street. Set yourself a vision of 5 years.

Enjoy the money

In some phase in your life, you would encounter some people who would suggest you not to shop, not to party, because saving up on the money would make you rich. Nothing can be more illogical.

Money is like that pretty crush you want to spend your life with. Unfortunately you can’t keep money in hand for long. Either you have to invest or make use of it. You have been blessed with bucks, now you can splurge them at your wish. If you want to donate to charity or buy your girlfriend a solitaire ring, you are free to make use of it at your will.

You need to double or triple your income

You need to change the typical working class mindset. If you are earning Rs 6 lakhs a year, you dream of getting a good appraisal in the next cycle and earn Rs 8 lakh. Well from a POV of employee, that’s brilliant but not something a millionaire would want. To be rich, you need to think of an explosive growth. You need to double or triple your income in two year’s time. That’s the target you need to build for yourself. For that you need to have the zeal to go to any extent.

Be an all-timer

Now this is crucial. You have heard about 9-5 jobs. If you are in service sector you are doing a similar thing. While this time duration is denoted as full time in office, this is just a part-time if you want to be rich.

If you are an entrepreneur, you need to work 80 hours a week to achieve the full time status. Otherwise if you are working, make sure you start earning some good bucks by part time works. You have to put effort if you dream of being a millionaire.

Have you heard of that chain-business where you need to add people to your chain to grow? You must have. However you haven’t come across anyone who has grown rich by selling facewash and shampoos. But trust me, the chain thing actually works. But in a different way.

You need to take responsibilities for yourself. And then you start giving responsibilities to others. So what you do in the meantime is you create jobs. In the market, this is perceived as wealth-creation. The more people you engage to your business, you make better impact and you grow up the chain.

Now that you know the secrets, it’s your turn to make use of it.

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