trip on the Rocky Mountaineer provides some bucket list-worthy CanCon


In Pic :The Mountaineer currently runs along six routes spanning Western Canada, and one that travels through Seattle.

There are moments of pure glee aboard the Rocky Mountaineer. You’ll round a bend and some valley will open up, or a mighty Rocky Mountain peak will suddenly reveal itself as you emerge from one of the many tunnels along the great Pacific Railway. Or better yet, you’ll find yourself watching a giant bald eagle circling the rapids of the mighty Thompson River, slowing to dip its hooked beak and then speeding suddenly up, up, up — faster than the train itself — until it perches on a rock ledge to wait for a more fruitful fishing experience.

And then, someone will hand you a cold one and a bag of pretzels.

As Canadians, we tend to reserve describing people, places and things as being “Canadian” for situations that are exaggeratedly, almost mockingly, red, white and maple — Corner Gas, say, or the Juno Awards. But for an experience that comes so close to being literally indescribable, it just might be the best adjective to use for The Rocky Mountaineer.

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