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Watch: The New Mauka Mauka Ad Will Make You Smile


If your heart is skipping a beat with every run, while watching the nail-biting India Vs Bangladesh Quarter Final match that is on now, we advise you to take a break, and watch the latest Mauka Muaka ad. It will definitely give you a reason to smile, no matter who you are supporting.
Just a few hours before the match began, the latest Muaka Mauka ad was released. And it’s nothing like the ones we have seen before.

In the latest advert, Indian fans engage in a Jugalbandi with all the other countries that play the quarters – Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and West Indies.

It features Bollywood actor Sanjai Mishra, who is the hot-headed Indian cricket fan in the advert.

While the Pakistan fan points at the other fans wearing their respective countries’ jerseys and says that they also have a ‘mauka’ to win the World Cup, Mishra claims they stand no chance against India.

At the end of the ad, unlike all the previous Mauka Mauka ads, no firecrackers are burnt, no challenges are accepted. It ends on a happy note where all the fans are dancing to the tune of Mauka Mauka.

Watch the ad :

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