Why do we use the pincode? This video explains what those six digits stand for

It’s something people use each time they write their address for delivery by post.

But most of the people also actually don’t know what it means. We’re talking about the pincode. We all know that more often than not, the pincode is mandatory in the address and we’d probably have a hard time sending any letter or package anywhere without it.

But what does the pincode mean? Why do we need it? And what do those six digits stand for?

A video on YouTube by Factly tells you why we need the pincode in less than a minute. It’s fascinating to see that these six digits can be used to pinpoint the exact location of any post office in India.

The pincode actually represents a system which divides the entire country into five different regions called North, South, East, West and Army. Each region is represented by assigned numbers. The first digit of the pincode denotes that region.

The second and third digit represent the state sub-region and the district.

And finally, the last three digits of the pincode are used to represent the post office number.

You can watch the whole video

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