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Working Too Hard And Too Much Might Be Making You Infertile!


The infertility rate is higher in some Indian states because people tend to spend more time on work, and this leads to physiological imbalances and ovulation disorders, said Tamil Nadu’s director of medical education, Dr. S Geethalakshmi.Speaking at the fifth FERTICON, a national medical conference organised by Aakash Infertility Centre, Geethalakshmi said the infertility rate is lower in states that are known for early marriages and lower literacy levels.”As literacy rates increase and people get more ambitious, they end up spending a lot of time on work. It leads to physiological imbalances and ovulation disorders, resulting in infertility,” she said.Don’t start panicking yet – she also said that 70% of infertility problems are curable while the rest can be managed with interventional procedures.Elaborating on the Tamil Nadu government’s efforts to reduce infertility problems, since the state’s infertility rate is 20%, she said a sum of Rs 15,000 had been sanctioned for interventional procedures under the chief minister’s comprehensive health insurance scheme.”We already have the Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy Maternity Benefit Scheme and free drop in facilities for women after delivery. More amendments will be made depending on the requirement,” she said.She also urged gynecologists and other specialists to upgrade their skills in advanced and complex procedures like uterine transplantation.

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