How to change your beliefs.
Just as our bodies need good food every day, our minds need good beliefs every day. The key word in the above sentence is ‘good belief.’ We may have lot of beliefs on god, and also some question the existence of god. Few people say that I can jump, I cannot jump. I can run, I cannot run. So, there are many positive and negative beliefs. Some beliefs empower us, and some take our power away from us.
Let me ask you:

Are we born with beliefs or do we develop as we mature?

What are the factors that form our beliefs?

If you have negative outlook on beliefs because of your environment. Can you change your belief system?

Well most of our beliefs were shaped during our formative years. That is in our childhood days. Because, it all depends on the “experience”, and the “environment.”

The environment includes: home, school, working place, media and traditions. This entire environment creates beliefs, such as:

At home, there will be positive and negative influences.

At schools, it is purely because of peer pressure and the teachers.

The working place or the so called job matters a lot. And the beliefs are built according to the behavior of your colleagues and also how supportive your supervisors are.

Media: It includes television, newspapers, magazines etc. And in this modern technology there are certain applications, which influence you to create your beliefs.

We need to step back and look what kind of environment we have created for ourselves and those around us. It is tough to expect a positive behavior in a negative environment. You can definitely alter your beliefs by altering the attitudes of mind.

Experience: Our belief changes according to our experiences with various people.
You surely can change your belief system in your life. Because, belief not only teaches how to make a living, but also how to live.

Let me share with you a story.
One day a wise man wanted to make an experiment that would be powerful enough to make people realize that alcohol was injurious to health. He had two large mugs, one with pure distilled water and one with alcohol. He put an earthworm in the distilled water, and it swam easily and came up to the top. In a similar way, he put another earthworm into the alcohol and it died in front of everyone’s eyes. The wise man believed that the alcohol would affect human body. So, when he asked for the moral of this story. One among the crowd said, “If you drink alcohol you won’t have worms in your stomach.” So what do you observe here? It is all about beliefs. The wise man had positive beliefs towards his life, while the other person of course he certainly had positive attitude but, with negative beliefs.

Sometimes people forget that we don’t live in separation, hence what we do would affect someone close to you and similarly what they do would affect us. Either is it positive or negative beliefs. Negative beliefs are like tourists who come once in a while and you are the hostage and it eventually leaves you once it is done breaking you badly. You just have one life; don’t let it go in vain.

How can you change your beliefs? And what are the formulas need to be used.

Change focus, be an optimist:
You need to become an aspirant of good. When you refuse to focus, you’re locking doors that someday you might need to open. So pay attention, ask questions, and draw relevant conclusions. Optimist is a gentle word. But most of the times you often forget to see the positive picture.

Do not let criticizms influence you:
There are people who have made a career in criticizing. Because no matter how well something is done, they’ll always find faults with you and your work. Be so strong that nothing can disturb your inner peace of mind. Spend so much time in improving and believing yourselves.

Live in the present:
If you want to have a positive belief in your life, stop procrastinating. Because, postponing things leads to negative attitude and it drains your energy to the core. Make the best of now and utilize it to the fullest. You have only one shot at this game called life.

Start your day with positive attitude:
After a goodnight’s sleep, we are relaxed and our subconscious is accessible. Read or listen to something positive in the morning. Practice having positive attitude daily, until they become a habit.

Always be the part of the answer; not the part of the problem. Henceforth, positive beliefs are like bank accounts. The more we deposit, the larger they become. So a good beginning is a must factor in our lives. Ultimately, it is you the one who has to believe and take charge of your very own life.


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