30 CRORE MISSED CALLS needed for the Rally for Rivers

the Rally for Rivers

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is one of the most spiritually influential people of our times who can be best described as a Yogi or a Mystic and a Visionary. The founder of the Isha Yoga Foundation (Headquarters: Coimbatore,India) which has its centres spread all around the world, is an exemplary example of his vision which manifested because of his deepest longing, of offering one drop of spirituality to every human being and to ensure that each individual can experience the deepest core of life within, so that they live blissfully and die peacefully.

Recently, Sadhguru started the Rally for Rivers which has been receiving nationwide support and has become a united movement for change. He says, “ This is not a protest, nor is this an agitation, this is a campaign to bring awareness, that our rivers are depleting. Everyone, when I say everyone, everyone who consumes water must Rally for Rivers.”

This campaign, requests everyone to show their support by giving a missed call to 80009 80009. This missed call is your vote.

Sadhguru says, “ What we are working towards is a policy and the nature of the policy is such, if you pass the policy, one thing is it involves very heavy financial outlets and another thing is, there are many complexities in execution, it is not a simplistic policy, it is not something we will all agree to and ok tomorrow morning all solutions are on, it is not like that, there are soil challenges, there are topographical challenges, there are cultural challenges, there are various kinds of challenges. So it is not a simply executional policy, there are many many complexities, and any government will have to invest a lot, of both money and brains to make this happen. Even if we do it, let’s say very aggressively we do it, it will take 10-15 years to implement this policy, after that it will take another 5-10 years to actually see a rise in water in the rivers. If we implement this policy in the next 10-15 years time for sure in the next 20-25 years time, the water in the rivers of our country will rise by minimum 15-20%. Before we die we want to see that. So this means, 4 to 5 governments would have come and gone, many of the existing political leaders may not be alive, many of us may not be alive, so who is going to invest in a policy like this? They will only invest in a policy like this, if the nation speaks in one voice, and says, “We want this to happen!”. This is why the missed call, the missed call is your vote. We want a minimum of 30 crore people to give a missed calls, I am saying 30 crore because this is a minimum of 40% of the Electorate, if 40% of the electorate says we are for the River policy, we are mature citizens today, as a democracy we have matured, we are not looking for free-bees, if you go for something, that is long term wellbeing of this nation, we are with you, in one voice we have to say this, otherwise no government is going to invest their time and money in doing something which will show results 25 years later. This is not an election winning policy for sure. For all of us there will be some pain and we have to say we are willing to go through the pain for long term wellbeing of this nation, we are not irresponsible citizens who don’t care what happens to future generations; we are concerned about it and we will do the necessary things.This is the commitment you are making when you make this call.”

Sadhguru himself has been driving from Kanyakumari to Himalayas crossing 16 states, conducting 23 events to create awareness. He started the Rally on the 3rd of September and has been covering one state after the other, receiving support from the people of our nation, children, politicians, celebrities, musicians and more.

We can finally hear one voice!

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