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5 Destinations You Should Never Visit With Family


Family vacation or a quick getaway with friends, are both means of an escapade from the monotony of life. I’m sure with the onset of summer; the first thing that you do is getting started with planning an elaborate vacation. With beautiful places to explore and spend quality time with your loved ones, you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong. I’ve often heard people tell tales about how their family vacations went wrong because they picked an inappropriate place to travel to. Not that I’m talking about places that host hippie raves, but destinations that are dangerous to plan a family vacation to; also, I would like to walk you through a couple of places that you should travel solo to.

Without much ado, let’s go through the 5 destinations that I would skip while planning a holiday with friends or family. And, I would recommend you to do the same.

1. Kasol, India

May be Kasol in Himachal Pradesh is one such place where you would not want to visit with your family. Having visited the place personally, I would say it is a must-visit destination but solo. Yes, taking friends along could be a great experience, but visiting it all by you, would gratify the thrill even more. This small village is tucked in the lap of Parvati Valley, Kullu. The mighty mountains and beautiful River Parvati make it a marvelous spot where foreign travellers come in search of hippie parties, raves, and illicit drugs. If you have been looking for a place where you could get high and stay connected with nature, Kasol is your haven. It is clearly a go-solo destination.

2. Pattaya, Thailand

You might have heard a lot about the place from your colleagues who’ve planned their bachelorette to this sensually provocative destination. The scandalous red light area, wacky eateries, ladyboy shows, bloody Thai boxing shows, this is a stifling metropolis in Thailand that can offer you an entire world of memories, most of which you wouldn’t want your family to be a part of.

3. Afghanistan

Geographically, a well-endowed country, Afghanistan stands at the third position on the list of places that you must not visit with both, your friends or family. This country is known for being closely associated with one of the most active and hostile terrorist groups, Taliban. Activities like kidnapping are quite common here, which make it a dangerous place to lay feet at.

4. Ibiza, Spain

Another enthralling place that can offer you an ecstatic experience in terms of drugs, sex and more, Ibiza is a beautiful destination where you can plan your solo vacation. This place is known to be world’s party capital and so, you should skip visiting it with your 7-year old for a family vacation.

5. Antartica

I’m sure you would not want to freeze to death with your entire family at a place that the world calls its ‘very own freezer’. Walking into the icy cold lands of Antarctica with the family is something that I would never do. You must stay clear of it too. This is a highly sensitive zone where only those who have proper training can survive.

I hope you’re convinced on why you must skip these places for a family sojourn. Make sure you go through the ins and outs of a place beforehand in order to make your stay a joyful experience be it in any nook of the world.

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