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Sitting here and looking back, my entire life has been inspired by things that fly, things that are fast, things that move, things that can be understood and things that can be created.
I was a curious kid and always used to wonder how stuff works, how wings generate lift, how steam engine operates etc. This curiousity gifted me with a passion to observe things, a passion to imagine things that were not so obvious and fortunately a hobby to create things that made me curious and things that I could always treasure.

Airplanes. Trains. Engines. Gears. Machines… these are the things that fascinate me more than anything else in this world and today I’m going to share my story with you all…
Hi, I am Atamjeet Singh Bawa from India, a Paper Modeler and I love to create all sorts of highly detailed Machines using Paper & Glue! Yes, this is my passion, my hobby and this has now become my identity.

This is how I generally introduce myself:

  • I was born to be a Pilot (I still dream of being a pilot and having my very own runway at my backyard just like ‘John Travolta’ )
  • Destined to be a Table Tennis Player (TT is another passion, played national level in 2000, in fact the very reason I used to love my school was because I could play TT for an hour every day & I’m always up for a challenging game)
  • Happened to be a Textile Chemist (I’m B-Tech in Textile Chemistry, for those of you who don’t know whatever that is, well, lemme figure it out myself first)
  • Could have been a Guitarist (guitar is turing out to be another passion of mine. I am a hard core music fan and trying my hands to create my own music)
  • Eventually landed being a Software Programmer (I’m a geek too and I love coding. In fact complex algorithms turn me on. I am currently working with as a Sr. Consultant with Oracle)
  • And the best part, I am gifted to be a ‘Paper Modeler‘ (in simple words, I make paper airplanes and other machines, highly detailed ones. Its not ‘Origami’ neither it is ‘Papier Mâché’, its cutting and joining parts of paper using glue)

* For those of you who are thinking why I put bullet points above, well, this is one of those side effects to work for an IT company where you need to explain everything in “bullets”

I am a born airplane enthusiast & even today I never miss to observe a passing by aircraft. And whenever I get a chance, I stop at the NH8 perpendicular to the IGI airport runway in Delhi and satisfy my appetite by saying ‘bye-bye airplane’ to the one that is about to land/take off!
In 2004 (my first year of graduation) a thought struck my head that I wanted to utilize my geometric skills (did I tell you that I used to teach Geometry) and my Engineering Drawing skills (a very interesting subject they teach you in every engineering course & I used to teach my own class) to create an airplane using paper. And after a month of hard work, 8 layers of aluminum paint & an ‘Engineered Accident’ my first  paper model was ready. From that day onwards, I never looked back and created more than 27 models of various machines and still counting!

I’ve been featured in Top Gear India Magazine, FHM India Magazine, Motown India Magazine, a few TV channels and displayed my creations at Auto Expo 2014 (India), IID Delhi and various other platforms.

I am sure you all would enjoy what I do and would give your honest feedback and valuable suggestions. Atamjeet loves machines and will always love machines!

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Added a few images & videos of my creations for your visual treat.

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