ClamorWorld Exclusive: In conversation with entrepreneur Prateek Bhardwaj

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What inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

While sitting idle and watching inconsistency in things around me, made me to find solutions for everything I wanted to do, in quest of finding solutions, and new adventures which were part of this quest, made me an entrepreneur

What kind of Corporation is your business?

Since from the start, I didn’t like word startup being associated with me and my business, startup word marks its founder as an amateur person, who is just with an idea, and have no idea or seriousness to run a big business.

Also before 2007 I do not remember anyone who wanted to start a startup, so being on current course, it is a corporation, a collective effort of multiple businesses.

What does Learderspro Learning Private Limited do?

Leaderspro was much more an idea, it Started with an idea for providing workers to small auditing firms on pan India scale with equal skills, capabilities with an direct, focused, easier and cost effective method for sorting out creamy layer of most deserving candidates.

Which would result in a uniformity of quality and setting equal standard workers in all offices throughout India with education, skills levels equal in all workers.

Tell us about your education venture the Joint Employment Test?

JET Exam is a national level eligibility test focuses towards graduates; post graduates diploma and degree holder candidates of all possible streams.

JET Exam operates under JET Exam Board, which consists of organizations, departments and companies making part of JET Exam Opening unlimited job opportunities for candidates.

In year 2016 more than 50,000 candidates applied of JET Exam. For 2017 we are expecting more candidates to apply for exam.

Currently we are trying to secure ventures with more number of organizations, PSU and government departments to increase acceptance by JET Exam, which will add a big boost to candidates career.

You have developed an anti-cheating software known as Aryabhatta IV. How can it help to reform education system in India?

It fears most students who prepare hard for competitive exams. That someday due to a noncompeting student with the help of corrupt people will leave him behind. Most prestigious exams like CAT, RRB also came in light of cheating and question paper leak scandals. Most students travel hundreds of kilometers to attend these exams as exam centers are very far adds to the pain.

Now imagine an exam which you can give to nearest place near you, it is impossible for corrupt people to help their beneficiaries, as resources are no more in their control. They are very strictly monitored, they can no more hack computers, and even in absence of CCTV cameras, computer running Aryabhatta 4 software make screens to work constantly to monitor candidates.

You also own the Bharat Online? What does it do?

It is a network of kiosks to support and help candidates who will be applying for JET Exam, with application process, preparation, practice materials and mock tests.

Did you have any business background before starting up?

There is no background, for past 4 generations of my family; I do not know anyone having business background. It is a completely new arena for me. Lack of business background and geographical location where I live added to troubles in understanding and keeping up with business activities. I am much on my instincts.

There were many setbacks but I think that was part of very important learning. We all to start from somewhere which we call our starting point and lead us to reach to objective we always desired.

What challenges have you faced?

Biggest challenge are people, I found businesses are not that tough, actually they are very easy, but people with already settled mindsets, makes things difficult, it is not an arguments that people fear what they do not understand, as it is not stone age. People are much more educated. But still point of view of people awaiting update to new world.


What are your strengths?                        Prateek Bhardwaj 1 CW

I think, finding inconsistencies in process that makes me find set of patterns in everything is my strength, I almost always wanted to do things, which were people call impossible because others told them is impossible.

Are you a member of any entrepreneurs/SME union or any other networking organization for business people?

Not at the moment, but I am search of equal minded people.

Which characteristics you possess that you consider to have contributed to your business success?

A desire to do things, an instinct to keep running that never let me stop. In today’s you need to be visionary, as most times you know things that are going to work, but you are on your own as people around you do not share same thoughts, so you have to wait patiently till right time approaches and you achieve you always envisioned.

Having complete faith on my ideas and on me made path for my business success.

What are your company’s goals?

To make people’s life easy, happy and healthy, to generate new job opportunities, to innovate and make way for new technological advances.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be? Or Message for budding entrepreneurs?

I think best is learning people around you, their fears, mindset, thoughts and desires. With this information you will get enough information to never stop again.



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