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Ryan International School murder: Prasoon Joshi pens heart-wrenching poem on child abuse


In the aftermath of the brutal murder of a seven-year-old boy by a bus conductor in Ryan International School that took place on September 8, many people continue to express their shock and disbelief through protests. Others have taken to social media to share their grief and rage over the school’s protocol on the security and safety of the students.

Renuka Shahane, Bollywood actor and social media personality, was one of the worried parents who expressed their concern over entrusting little kids’ safety on the schools they attend. Now, CBFC chief and lyricist Prasoon Joshi has taken to Facebook to pen a heart-wrenching poem about the tragedy of lost childhood, while condemning child sexual abuse — and it has gone viral.

Written in Hindi, the poem encapsulates the horror that a child goes through after sexual abuse. “When childhood hesitates before it comes into your lap, when the life peeking from the womb of its mother is frightened to step out, then it means something is wrong,” begins the poem.

Joshi compares the travails that the little child goes through to a sharpened sword falling on delicate flowers and to passing through burning furnaces. He emphasises on the gravity of the wrong by saying that the repercussions of inflicting such pain upon a child should have resulted in thunderous rains and incessant rainfall, which are the painful teardrops of “Uparwala”, God.

He ends his poem by saying “Rampant cases of Child abuse have shaken the soul. We cannot let this happen anymore.”

Read the Facebook post here.

‘Jub bachpan tumhari goud mein aaney se katrane lage
Jub maa ki kokh se jhankti zindagi bahar aaney se ghabrane lage
Samjho kuch ghalat hai
Jub talwarein phoolon par zor aazmane lagein
Jub masoom ankhon mein khauf nazar aane lage
Samjho kuch ghalat hai
Jub oos ki boondon ko hatheliyon pe nahin hathiyaron ki nok par theherna ho
Jub nanhe nanhe talwon ko aag se guzarna ho
Samjho kuch ghalat hai
Jub kilkariyan sahem jayein
Jub totli boliyan khamosh ho jayein
Samjho kuch ghalat hai
Khuch nahin bahut kuch ghalat hai
Kyonki zor se barish honi chahiye thi
Poori duniya mein
Har jagah tapakne chahiye the aansoo
Rona chaiye tha upar wale ko
Aasman se
Phoot phoot kar
Sharm se jhukni chaiye thein insaani sabhyata ki gardanein
Shok nahin soch ka waqt hai
Matam nahin sawalon ka waqt hai
Agar iske baad bhi sar utha kar khada ho sakta hai insaan
Toh samjho kuch ghalat hai.

Rampant cases of Child abuse have shaken the soul.
We cannot let this happen anymore. – #PrasoonJoshi’

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