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Yoga Week On Clamorworld: What’s Religious About Om & Surya Namaskar?


It is indeed saddening despite a stupendous number of people coming together, nearly 135 countries celebrating and the UN announcing the day as International Yoga Day, there is talk of Hindutva element in Yoga. Religion in its earliest form was seen as a binder for society, a means to bring together men and women under one umbrella. But the form that it has taken up in currently across the world is utterly shameful. However this is no forum to discuss the politicization of religion. But on International Yoga Day I would like to clarify some myths about Yoga.

The chanting of ‘Om’ has been referred to by many and believed by lot more as a form of incorporating and indoctrinating non-believers with Hindu thoughts and rituals. The fact that just anyone can chant ‘Om’ should in many ways clear the myth but for those who are still not convinced, the Chanting of Om with its right intonations and understanding is perhaps the deepest and purest forms of Yoga. The sound created by Om is believed to be the primal sound of the universe that comprises all sounds in itself. As you chant Om coupled with deep inhalation and exhalation, it can work wonders in

  • Reducing Stress
  • Improving Concentration
  • Bringing About positivity
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Improving your cardiac, digestive and spinal systems
  • Helping address sleep disorder
  • Tackle emotions better

This all happens as the Om chanting results in better control of adrenaline levels, appropriate blood circulation across the body, induces ability to focus and normalizing heart beat, respiration and digestive tract movement.


Similarly Surya Namaskar too is hardly religious. Well it is a known fact that the Sun was the earliest forms of God that Civilizations world over worshipped. This is because people quite early on understood the supreme power of the sun and its innumerable benefits to us. It is therefore quite ironic that we brush aside Surya Namaskar in the name of religion. In just 12 steps it perhaps is the most scientific and logical process too harness the supreme solar energy in our lives. From head to toe almost every body part is benefitted by these sun salutations. One round of Surya Namaskar can burn close to 14 calories in an averaging weighing person and the fact that it helps stimulate all the seven Chakras in our body goes a long way to clearly manifest the useful qualities of this ancient practice of paying tribute to the sole life giver on our planet and imbibing the positive energy from it.

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