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‘I had free sex’: Activist Kavita Krishnan, mother take on FB troll


CPI(ML) politburo member Kavita Krishnan and her mother Lakshmi ignited a debate on social media and teamed up to tackle a Facebook troll over women’s rights and consensual sex.
The ‘Spoilt Modern Indian Woman’ — a feminist initiative aimed at breaking gender stereotypes — shared a quote by Kavita Krishnan on its Facebook page and initiated a discussion on what constitutes ‘free sex’.
While the underlying message was against misogyny, the post also slammed some Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) teachers, who allegedly compiled a ‘dossier’ in 2015, detailing the varsity students’ “sex- and alcohol-filled” life.
The post claimed Kavita Krishnan had said on a TV channel debate that one can only pity people who fear ‘free sex’ because ‘un-free sex’ is nothing but rape.
A user, GM Das, commented on the group’s post: “Ask your mother/daughter whether she had free-sex (sic).”
To this, Kavita responded, “Er, yes, my mother did. Hopefully so did yours. Because if the woman is not free, it is not sex but rape. Get it.”.
But the final nail in the coffin came when Kavita’s mother, Lakshmi Krishnan, also joined the debate and claimed that she had ‘free-sex’.

Eleven JNU teachers have compiled a “dossier” in 2015 detailing the lives of the sex-and-alcohol filled seditious anti-national students. This dossier was released to a few journalists recently.
It’s no surprise that one of the authors of this pathetic piece of propoganda masquerading as a dossier is Hari Ram Mishra, assistant professor in the Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies.
One of the teachers who released this dossier to journalists had also previously called “a handfu…
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“Hi GM Das! I am Kavita’s mother. Of course I had free sex. I should jolly well hope so! As and when I wanted, with the person I wanted. And I fight for every woman and man to have sex according to their consent. Never unfree, never forced,” Lakshmi wrote.
The mother-daughter duo’s remarks were hailed by many users, garnering over 600 likes and over 30 shares. One Facebook user Amarnath Gupta said, “That’s an exemplary response. Proud of you ma’am”, while another user thanked them “for responding with such fearlessness”.

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